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Member Highlight: Maxine Thompson

Member Highlight: Maxine Thompson

Persistence is her name!

A successful fitness journey can mean many things to many people. It could mean successfully losing weight, eating healthier, maintaining a regular workout regimen, improving muscle strength, tone and stamina. It could mean all those things simultaneously.

Whatever way you view it, a successful fitness journey requires personal persistence. It requires a firm decision to be and live what you say you want, a toned body, bountiful energy, a healthy diet and more. A successful fitness journey means that even when life is challenging, you choose to circle back to your self-care by making your personal health and fitness a priority.

As trainers and coaches at Kinetics NJ, we get the amazing opportunity to interact with many bodies. We know how tough strengthening our persistence muscle can feel. We understand how much work is involved. But, we also know that you have everything you need to build your personal persistence because we see what you sometimes cannot see, your innate strength. So, for those of you who are working to strengthen your persistence muscle, we applaud you. For those who need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we’ve got your back.

So today, and every day, we high five all our peeps, but we are giving a big shout, hug and joyful applause to a longtime Team Kinetics NJ client, member, and friend, Maxine Thompson. We thank you for 9 years of hard work, effort, sweat, persistence, and fitness success! We love you to pieces and appreciate being on your fitness journey.