13 of the Top Reasons to Exercise

13 of the Top Reasons to Exercise

Let’s face it, some days you just don’t feel like exercising.

You get too busy, too stressed and quite simply too tired.

But this shouldn’t stop you from lacing up your shoes and heading out for a workout!

Here’s a list of 13 of the top reasons to exercise. Pull out this list and read it when you need a reminder of why exactly exercise is worth your time…

  • To Prevent Disease
    Exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of many of the health problems that plague humans, from strokes to heart disease, certain cancers, osteoporosis and so on.
  • To Look Great
    Exercise firms your body, improves posture and even makes your skin glow. Looking your best is a wonderful result of regular exercise.
  • To Lose Weight and Keep It Off
    Exercise burns fat and prevents future fat storage. If you want to have a thinner, healthier body, exercise is the answer.
  • To Have More Energy
    Anyone who exercises regularly will tell you that they are more energetic, less easily irritated, and are more peaceful.
  • To Sleep Better
    Exercise boosts energy levels, but also wears you out. It makes you feel more vibrant during the day and sleep better at night.
  • To Age Slower
    Exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight aging by reducing the rate at which we lose muscle mass, bone density, flexibility, and mobility.
  • To Relieve Back Pain
    In many cases, the best thing that you can do for back pain is to move and strengthen the muscles that are causing you pain. Consult your physician or physical therapist for guidance.
  • To Ease Depression
    Exercise has been proven to reduce depression and support the production of the happy hormones that we all know and love.
  • To Reduce Aches and Pains
    By strengthening muscles around your injured joints, you are more likely to have healthy joint function and a more functional body. Always consult your physician before starting an exercise program, especially if you have chronic joint pain.
  • To Stay Mentally Sharp
    Exercise has been shown to improve memory and other cognitive functions.
  • To Enjoy Your Lifestyle
    Whatever it is that you love in life: your children, travel, sports, fashion, it is all more enjoyable when experienced in a fit and healthy body. Exercise so that you can enjoy great things in life.
  • To Reduce Sick Days
    People who exercise regularly are 50% less likely to call in sick to work. A regular exercise program reduces colds and upper respiratory infections.
  • To Boost Confidence
    Being fit, feeling healthy and having energy are all building blocks to having great confidence. If all of the above resonates with you but you need a little help getting started, don’t struggle alone.

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