For the past four years, Kinetics NJ has been working with us at Central School to provide yoga instruction to both teachers and students. We have loved having Kinetics help us bring mindful practices into our building. Our teachers have benefitted themselves, with the ultimate goal of passing these skills onto our students. These yoga practices have helped our teachers create a classroom climate where all students are available for learning. We have been able to teach students to independently use strategies to deal with stress and frustration. Students are able to take on a leadership role by learning from the yoga teacher, and then leading their own yoga presentations to reach even more students. After learning from the yoga teacher, older students also lead mindfulness groups with younger students who we recognize as needing additional social-emotional support. Kinetics has helped us weave mindfulness into the everyday dialogue and routine with our students, which has helped prepare them to deal with stress and frustration in a healthy, positive way.

    Jenna Klein